SANTÉ - HIGHBURY DENTAL | London's Trusted Smile Experts



Respect & Trust

Demonstrating fairness in all our interactions, we are open, trustworthy and accountable to our patients, our colleagues and our community.

Evidence Based Care

We are committed to offering care and treatment based on trusted, standardized science, with up-to-date knowledge from leading dental sources.

Comfort in Treatment

We will offer options that maximize comfort during and after treatment. We understand that pain-free care is a significant factor to encourage our patients in the maintenance of their dental health.


Excellence in care includes availability, so we are responsive to our patient’s concerns at all times. Our delivery of care can occur with face-to-face visits, phone and/or electronic means, as available.

Informed Choices

Our patients have an important role in the determination of their treatment. We encourage shared decision making and will effectively communicate all choices to accommodate individual choices.

Continuous Learning

Fostering professional growth at all levels, we will develop new knowledge, increase and update our skills and use of advanced technology throughout the entire practice and in our individual careers.
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